Monday, July 23, 2012

Rockland Fire Companies M/A To Montvale NJ

Montvale NJ - A fire that broke out in a house on Windsor road had a total of nine fire dapartment working to get it under control. 

In addition to the six fire departments from Bergen County NJ, Mutual Aid was requested from Rockland County NY at about 12:50 hours. The Orangburg, Nanuet and Pearl River fire companies were all operating o scene.

The house was behind very tall trees which made it difficult for our photographer to get better shots.

{NewYorkBuffMedia - Photos by: Moishe Lichtenstein}


  1. FYI

    Dept 8 (Nanuet) never responded. they were requested but could not respond because they did not have a driver so dept 11 (orangeburg) then responded.

  2. Thanks for the info, will edit that. I heard them advising that they don't have a driver. I then turned off 44 control so didn't hear U/D's, but i still saw 8 in CAD, so i thought they were there.
    Thanks again.