About Us

NewYorkBuffMedia (NYBM) is trying to share with its visitors photos and news that were collected by our photographers and our reporters that observed emergency scenes, such as auto accidents, fires, shootings, crime scenes and etc.

The staff members of NewYorkBuffMedia (NYBM) are hard working individuals, that - when available - also observe emergency scenes as a hobby, and would photograph the incident. Then they would share it with the visitors of this website. They would also provide the information and/or photos to other news agencies upon request.

Most photos prior to May of year 2012 were also posted and reported  on NYBuff.org before it closed down. We thank the administrator of NYBuff.org for providing us the place and tools to share our experience with the public. Sadly NYBuff.org is not functioning anymore. But since we would still like to continue to share and notify our work with others, we launched NewYorkBuffMedia (NYBM) as a place for us to continue doing what we do.

NYBM is currently not an official news agency corporation. But we are here to do the job of delivering the news to the public. We hope to grow and eventually have even more what to bring you.

If you witness and/or photograph an emergency scene and you would like to see you photo(s) on our website, you can send them to us and we will publish them with full photo credit. We ask that you rather send us photos captured with a camera or high resolution phone camera. (Low  resolution photos loose their quality when enlarged on the site)

NYBM would also like to get your feedback on how we are doing, as well as any ideas or critic on how we can improve ourselves in our work to keep the public up to date. Leaving comments in the comment section under each post is also highly recommended, but please keep to the subject of the post.

We thank you again for visiting NewYorkBuffMedia (NYBM) at NYBuff.net and please spread the word.

If there's anything you wan to let us know, go ahead and visit the Contact Us page.

Thank You

Moishe Lichtenstein
NYBM Chief Editor