Monday, October 22, 2012

All Hands Fire In Synagogue [VIDEO]

Brooklyn - Box 2584 the address 1214-43rd St. FDNY were on the scene for a fire in the basement of Zimigrad Shul.

The fire was extended but was put out shortly after FDNY's arrival.

The following is a rundown of this assignment, courtesy of NYCFires

L 148 transmits 10-75 2584 for a fire in the basement on 43rd Street, near 12th Avenue. **Close to their home box. Fire reported to be in a dryer with extension.

E 282, 228, 201 L 148, 114 B 40

10-75: E 240, L 147FT, SQ 1, R 2, D 11, B 41

1330: B 40 using all hands for fire in the basement of a synagogue, two lines stretched with one in operation. Bldg is 2 story 40 x 60: Exp: 1-street, 2- similar attached, 3- yard, 4- 3 story brick.

1333: B 40: all primary searches negative.

1338: B 40: fire is pwh; return squad and rescue. R 2 is 10-8.

Relocations: L 118/147.

1345: D 11: all secondary searches complete and negative, fire is under control. Fire duration is 27 minutes.

1357: D 11: s/c truck with a working fan. L 118 s/c.

{NewYorkBuffMedia Newsroom - Photos by: Yoel Goldstein}

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