Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Misaskim Opens its New Williamsburg Garage

On Thursday, November 15th, Misaskim volunteers in Williamsburg celebrated an important milestone – the opening of their new garage. Misaskim’s Williamsburg division plays a key role in Misaskim’s operations. Our Williamsburg volunteers oversee all Shiva G’mach operations in Williamsburg, Manhattan, Crown Heights, and the Lower East Side. The new garage will enable Misaskim to store much needed equipment in these areas and thus expedite delivery and other services to grieving families in these areas.

The Karlsburg Rav, Rabbi Yeckezkel Roth, Shlita honored the volunteers on Thursday night by attending the Chanikus Habayis. The Rav put up the mesuzas at the new facility and was m’chazak Misaskim volunteers in their daily chesed activities. The Rav’s son, Rabbi Moshe Roth Shlita, reinforced the Rav’s message with his divrei torah which he delivered at the siyum.

The two Askanim, Rabbi Rabbi Arye Leib Glanz and Rabbi Abe Friedman also participated in the Chanukas Habayis. They praised the volunteers for their tireless effort in supporting families in the Williamsburg regardless of the time of day. In fact, most volunteers give up time away from their families after a long day of work.

Misaskim’s directors Rabbi Meyer Weill and Rabbi Yanky Mayer pointed out that Misaskim could not have accomplished establishing the community services the organization currently provides without the legwork done by Misaskim’s team of dedicated volunteers.

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