Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Three Alarm Fire In Monroe,NY Destroyed A Home

MONROE, N.Y. -- Fire roared through a house in the Town of Monroe Tuesday, leaving firefighters scrambling to fight the flames.

"The house is uninhabitable, its about 90 percent fire damaged," said Monroe Fire Chief Tim Carr.

He said the fire started just before 1:00 p.m. on Seven Springs Road. About 60 firemen worked to contain the fire, as onlookers watched on.

Carr said one middle aged man lived in the house at the time, though he wasn't home when the fire broke out.

It took firefighters about 45 minutes to put out the fire, but it was still too late, he said, the house was a total loss.

"You slowly have to dig through the remains of the structure and find the actual origin of the fire," said Carr.

As firefighters continued to put out any hotspots, an arson dog was called in to help with the investigation.

Officials said a different fire broke out at the house a few years ago, which was sparked by an electrical fixture. Though what caused this fire, they said, is still unclear.

"We basically remove piece-by-piece any debris that's in our way and do a slow methodical investigation," said Carr.

He said he doesn't believe gas contributed to the fire nor is it suspicious, but he said it will take days before its finalized.

No one was hurt.

Source: TWC News

{NewYorkBuffMedia Newsroom - Photos by JDN}

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