Monday, November 30, 2015

Cops stop disturbed man from jumping out of 5th floor Brooklyn apartment window

Brooklyn - It took many hours, but cops managed to stop a man from jumping from a Brooklyn apartment window Sunday afternoon, authorities said.

The disturbed man, whose identity was not immediately available, barricaded himself inside the fifth-floor apartment on Bay Pkwy. near 84th St. in Bensonhurst around 1:30 p.m., according to police.

For the next four hours, the man and first responders had a tense standoff as he repeatedly threatened to take his own life as he dangled from the window, witnesses said.

Cops on the roof of the building desperately tried to talk him down.

Authorities finally blocked the window with a massive net lowered from the roof.

They were then able to take the man into custody inside of the apartment. He was undergoing psychiatric evaluation, authorities said

Source: NYDN

{NewYorkBuffMedia Newsroom - Photos by: Avrumi Blum}

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