Friday, April 27, 2012

Fully Involved Structure Fire [SLIDESHOW]

Monsey - There is a working structure fire in a home in Monsey, located at 485 West Central Avenue & Herrick Avenue, Friday afternoon. Numerous fire departments have been assigned to assist in fighting the blaze, which is reportedly showing out the windows of the home. There is no word on injuries as of this time.

UPDATE 1:53PM: The fire department has just requested that a 2nd alarm be transmitted. The fire has reportedly spread throughout the entire structure.

The fire department has just requested that a 3rd alarm be transmitted. The home is fully involved in flames.

According to, A 4-year-old boy was found sitting on the lawn outside the burning home when a former fire chief saw the blaze and pulled him to safety. Former Chief Andrew Schlissel called 911 when he saw the fire and boy, who was not injured.

Schlissel said the boy didn’t speak but had a “stone-face look” when he found him. The boy’s parents had apparently left him alone.

The fire destroyed the house, but the cause remains under investigation. The initial report indicated the boy might have started the fire while playing with matches, Ramapo Detective Sgt. John Lynch said.

{ Newsroom - Photos by: Moishe Lichtenstein}

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