Thursday, November 1, 2012

Some Photos Of Sandy Aftermath In Monsey

There weren't really flooded streets in Monsey & Spring Valley which is in Rockland County. But the high winds ripped out trees and utility poles through the whole county.

As the Hurricane Sandy started to kick in in the area, NewYorkBuffMedia's Chief Editor Moishe Lichtenstein locked himself in his dark house to be with family while the storm was booming outside. When looked out of the window he saw, that everything was almost totally dark, the only light were seen here and there from explosions from electric transformers that blew up in the area.

It was a real danger to be on the roads on Monday night as the hurricane was at it's highest points. But all this did not stop emergency personnel like Hatzolah, Chaverim, Fire Dept from all areas, Spring Valley and Ramapo PD from going around the roads and trying to secure the scenes.

The next morning as Moishe was driving through he roads he spared to take some photos as he came across some downed trees and wires. He didn't go around to much since he himself feels homeless without power and heat in his home. And as per "Orange & Rockland" it may take up to 14 days till the power will be restored.

{NewYorkBuffMedia Newsroom - Photos by: Moishe Lichtenstein}

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