Tuesday, October 1, 2013

NYPD Adds Five Investigators To CIS, Gives Them New Tech

The NYPD is adding five investigators to its collision investigation squad, bringing its head count to 27, and equipping the unit with new technology that will allow accidents to be analyzed more quickly.

The squad will be getting eight “onboard vehicle dynamometers,” which test-crash factors such as acceleration, brake functioning and roadway traction. “It is a more sophisticated tool,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Monday at a hearing of the City Council’s Transportation and Public Safety committees. He said it will enable cops “to measure skid marks . . . in a more effective and quicker way. It definitely should speed up the process.”

The NYPD has deployed the squad with greater frequency, assigning it 293 cases this year, up 24% from 238 in 2012. Previously, it handled only fatal crashes or ones in which a person was likely to die. But since April it had responded to all crashes in which a person needs CPR or life support or is in respiratory arrest, according to testimony.


{NewYorkBuffMedia Newsroom}

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