Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2nd Alarm Fire In a 1 Story Commercial In Brooklyn

The following is a rundown of this fire Monday night, courtesy of NYCFire.net

Box: 1058

Address: 224 Empire Blvd

L-113 transmitting the 10-75 for fire in a 1 story commercial building

L-123 FAST

BN-38 using all hands fire 1st floor in a 140x100 1 story commercial auto parts store.

1 L/S/O, 2nd being stretched

Extra Engine & Truck requested - Engine-249 & TL-157

Division 15 reports no roof operations due to roof truss

20:25 HRS: 2nd Alarm transmitted

2nd alarm units:

E-248, 310, 284 with Satellite 3
L-111 (replacing 174), Division 15 request vent support Truck - L-105
BN-41 safety, BN-48 resource unit leader

20:44 HRS: Field Comm reports primaries negative, main body of fire K/D, still heavy smoke condition, still doubtful

20:47 HRS: Field Comm requesting additional Truck - L-174

20:56 HRS:
Field Comm reports Secondary searches underway, still hitting small pockets of fire smoke condition lifting, PWH

{NewYorkBuffMedia Newsroom}

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