Thursday, June 15, 2017

2nd Alarm On 13th Avenue In Boro Park

Brooklyn - FDNY was battling a 2nd alarm fire in a dry cleaners

no injuries were reported.

The following is a rundown of this fire, courtesy of NYCFire.Net

5304 13th Ave.,fire 1st fl of a 3 sty 25X75 mixed occ.

L-148 gave 10-75

L-149 FAST

BN-40, extra 1&1..E-228,L-109

All Hands transmitted on the request for an extra 1&1

BN-40, Searches delayed due to heavy clutter condition

17:46..D-8, 2nd Alarm, fire extending to the 2nd fl

BN-33 Safety,BN-41 RUL,E-284/SAT,E-279/Comm.

D-8, SC 2 Trucks..L-147,L-168

{NYBuffMedia Newsroom - Photos By: Shmili M}

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