Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Tragedy, Child Fatally Struck By School Bus In Williamsburg


Brooklyn. A 7 y/o boy was tragically struck by a school bus Wednesday morning in Williamsburg.

Hatzolah EMS & 911 were called around 8:30am to South 5 St & Hooper Street after the child was discovered unconscious on the road by a MTA bus driver that was pulling out of a bus stop & a passerby, Hatzolah tried all they could but the boy sadly couldn't be saved, after further investigation it was discovered that the victim and his older brother were being picked up by their school bus, the older brother made it onto the bus but unfortunately the driver didn't see the child and fatally struck him.

The bus driver unaware of what happened left the scene but later surrendered to police for questioning.

The boy was identified as Shimon Zev Fried, Chesed Shel Emes was on scene ensuring proper body recovery.

NYPD CIS is investigating the accident.

{NYBuffMedia Newsroom - Photos By Hillel Lichtenstein}

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